Kellerführung - durch die historischen Gewölbe

11:00 Uhr ~ Anmeldung erforderlich!Preis inklusive dreiteiliger Weinprobe im Keller 17,-...


Sensorik II-Seminar mit Martin Darting

Sensorik II-Seminar mit Martin Darting!  Das Seminar für Weinfreaks. Selbstverständlich...


Die "VDP.Lange Nacht der offenen Weinkeller“ des VDP-Pfalz

17.00 Uhr - 23.00 Uhr Wir präsentieren Ihnen eine Auswahl unserer Weine in den Kellern unseres...

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Style of Wine

Due to the different wine making methods we employ, we are able to produce a broad range of wines that are rich in nuance and style. On the one hand, our palette includes terroir-based, sustainable wines with mineral characteristics, which can be stored in the traditional way employed by our winery; on the other hand, we offer delicately fruity, vibrant and highly aromatic wines, which are modern and expressive.
Our historical labels classify our range in their own specific way: The coat-of-arms label (1925) stands for all wines with residual sugar content ranging from restrained and spicy to highly concentrated, elegant and sweet. We use the Probus label (1905) for the dry Riesling wines. The 1811 label, one of the oldest wine labels in Germany, embellishes our burgundy bottles.