respect: for tradition


Our wine labels are landmarks and stand for wines from the best locations and pioneering work in cultivation and vinification with a passion for quality.

The 1811 label - one of the oldest wine labels in Germany - adorns our wines of the grape variety line from the "Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan GmbH" wine factory. These wines are the fruity, elegant representatives of our house. Wines for many occasions. From Riesling in litre bottles, Burgundies to Sauvignon Blanc, the grape varieties are labelled with the 1811 label.

For all other wines of the winery the Art Nouveau label (1905 by Alois Balmer - shows the Roman Emperor Probus) is used. These wines come from the vineyard line, in which we develop the wines more to their soil typicity. These are characteristic wines of origin which are cultivated and matured ecologically according to anthroposophical teachings.