our standard: the best for wine


The history of the Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan winery is the history of a family dynasty that has helped to establish quality viticulture for more than 300 years. Generation after generation, important personalities emerge from it who know how to preserve and develop the importance of the estate and top Palatinate wines with intelligence, expertise and intuition as well as economic and political influence – up to the top rank of the world.

As respected politicians, they are in contact with the most influential personalities of their time and make a significant contribution to improving the legal framework conditions for viticulture. As patrons of the arts, they provide a number of museums with valuable possessions and earn their money for the preservation of the Palatinate cultural heritage. As scientists, they work on improved cultivation methods and write the standard work on the history of viticulture. As wine-growing experts, they spare no expense and effort in constantly developing their skills and knowledge as well as the quality of their possessions.